The Project

Currently in the master planning stage, Riverstone is a residential project of up to 1500 dwellings between Beck Drive and the Bohle River Rasmussen.

Riverstone is a $500 million, 1,500 home master planned community that will include significant community amenity and be delivered by leading National property developer PAYCE.

Riverstone will enhance and help unlock the potential of the Upper Ross by providing jobs and by creating a vibrant and connected community.


When designing our neighbourhoods and residential projects, we begin with the end in mind.

PAYCE communities are safe and vibrant places that people seek out to live in. Close to amenity such as schools, shops and transport, PAYCE are connected and active communities.

Founded in 1978, PAYCE has 40 years of experience in property development – we have an integrated approach to creating communities and we believe in protecting and embracing the natural environment.

We combine experience and innovation to deliver world-class projects and our approach means that our residents can be proud to live in a PAYCE community.

To find out more visit www.payce.com.au